Rail Formation

BGC Contracting can supply the material, equipment and labour for the construction of rail formations. Our base course, sub ballast capping, ballast and rock armour material in the Pilbara can be supplied from Elazac Quarry, which is owned and operated by BGC Contracting. This allows us flexibility to provide efficient and cost effective rail solutions for our client.

BGC Contracting successfully completed the Fortescue Metal Group’s rail project, linking their Cloud Break mine to port facilities in Port Hedland. BGC completed 85km of rail embankment construction for the project including earthworks and culvert installation.

In Queensland, BGC constructed a 3.6km rail loop including all earthworks and culverts for QCoal on the Sonoma Coal project, as well as a rail loop for the Millennium Coal project for Millennium Coal Pty Ltd.

Currently, our civil team is involved in the construction of the rail loop, marshalling yards, stockyards, car dumper and structural foundations of a 340km railway from the Roy Hill iron ore mine, to port facilities at Port Hedland, Western Australia.