Load and Haul

Over the past four decades, we have established ourselves as one of the leading mining contractors nationwide. Traditionally specializing in 100 tonne to 150 tonne hydraulic excavator mining fleets, BGC Contracting has now successfully transitioned into 400 tonne class mining fleets. These mining operations currently provide services for our clients which result in the successful delivery of some 50 million bank cubic metres (BCM) of material per year.

Through the establishment of strong relationships with our clients, BGC currently provides services under lengthy contract terms, some of which have extended to 10 years and beyond from initial contract right through to life of mine. 

Our highly skilled and trained team offer expertise in achieving efficient operation solutions which benefits the clients and provides the best outcomes for both parties. 

Linking our mining capability to our Clients’ needs is our stand out ability to move our Clients’ product by “off-road” haulage. An existing partnership has recently resulted in the successful delivery of in excess of 50,000,000 tonnes of product for our client.

Our Mining Operations team prides itself on strong client relationships and superior project delivery which in turn is managed by our team of great people.