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Roy Hill Rail Ballast Supply

The Roy Hill Rail Ballast Supply contract is a major achievement in our focus on strong relationships and highlights the broad range of services we can offer to our clients.


The Package 2 – Track Laying Contract marks the fourth contract awarded to BGC for the Roy Hill Project, a new 55tpa iron ore mine at the Roy Hill deposit south west of Port Hedland, Western Australia.

The track laying contract involves manufacturing 1,076,000 tonnes of class H railway ballast. The manufacture completed at BGC Contracting’s owned and operated Elazac Quarry, located near Port Hedland.

The scope to complete the railway works includes drilling and blasting of 600,000 BCM of dolerite rock, then broken down, loaded and hauled from the quarry using 30 road trains to transport the product to the client. BGC Contracting also provided NATA testing and stockpiling.

The scope of work for this project included:

  • Drill and blast 600,000 BCM’s of dolerite rock
  • Load and haul broken rock from quarry
  • Manufacture of 1,076,000 tonnes of Class H railway ballast aggregate
  • Stockpiling and NATA testing
  • Loading and transporting to site


BGC Contracting has been involved with the Roy Hill Project since 2011, having secured the Roy Hill Aerodrome, Roads and Rail Contract, followed by the contract for Package 3 – Port Landside.

Client: John Holland

January 2014 - February 2015
Western Australia