BGC Contracting Improves Safety Performance by 50% in 2013

BGC Contracting has shown some significant improvement with safety performance and in particular their safety statistical data over the past three years. During this time BGC Contracting has implemented many different health and safety related initiatives which have proven effective.

Commenting on this was BGC Contracting CEO, Greg Heylen, “I’m happy to say it clearly shows that this work carried out over the better part of the last three years has been very beneficial”.

The improved safety performance is evidenced by improvement in two key areas;

1. Significant reduction in Total Reportable Injuries (TRIFR) by almost 50% over the last 12 months. The company is currently at a TRIFR of 6.5 which is very much in the top quartile of leading Mining and Civil contractors in Australia.
2. High compliance to lead indicators of the Safety Achievers Award (SAA). The last 12 months has shown some dramatic improvements in this area.
It is no coincidence that a combination of compliance to lead indicators and implementation of new initiatives has led to this reduction in injuries.

Mr. Heylen went on to say, “We place a large emphasis on ensuring we encourage the right attitudes and behaviours within the company, therefore continuing to build on our unique culture. This is reflected in our CHARTER where Safety is one of our five Values. Our Safety Value states that it's "Part of everything we do" and lists the "We" - what the company will do and "I" - what the individual will do with regards to achieving our desired safety outcomes.”

Mr Heylen also added “we will never rest on our laurels and will never stop in pursuit of ways we can continue to improve the business and therefore we will continually improve our safety performance”.

Established in 1992, BGC Contracting Pty Ltd is part of the privately owned BGC group of companies and operates across two distinct core business divisions being Mining and Civil Operations. Presently employing more than 2,400 people, BGC Contracting is a leading player in the provision of mining and construction services across the resources, government infrastructure, building and manufacturing industry sectors.