BGC Contracting grows mining division

BGC Contracting grows mining division

BGC Contracting prides itself on its brand pillars: Project delivery, Strong Relationships and Great People with a strategic focus on delivering sustainable and profitable growth.

BGC Contracting has been growing its mining division, including the recent acquisition and commissioning of a Liebherr R 9800 excavator at the Idemitsu Australia, Boggabri coal project in New South Wales.

The third-largest hydraulic excavator in the world, with a bucket capacity of 47.5m3, the R 9800 could fill a standard 25-metre swimming pool in just eight loads! It weighs some 800 tons - this gargantuan piece of machinery exemplifies the expression ‘monster machine, its capable of handling the most challenging mining tasks.

Andrew Taplin, Mining Chief Operating Officer said that the $20m purchase of the R 9800 is about continuing to strengthen the BGC Contracting mining fleet.

“Since May 2018, we have invested more than $45m into new equipment which has allowed us to provide specific machinery to fulfil contract requirements,” Mr Taplin said.

“And these investments are a strong indicator of the health of our business and our commitment to sustain growth.”

The new Liebherr R9800 excavator, which was delivered to the Boggabri operations near Gunnedah in late December, is a state-of-the-art mining machine.

Mr Taplin said that this machine is the largest in the BGC fleet and one of the most productive and reliable in the market. Liebherr mining excavators are known for their exceptional performance, excellent reliability, simple operation, operator safety and comfort and easy serviceability.

“Our industry continues to evolve every day, and it’s important for us to evolve with it and look for the best possible equipment solutions to deliver on our promises,” said Mr Taplin.

The machinery investments BGC Contracting has made in the last twelve months have resulted in strong relationships and further opportunities with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), particularly from a technology perspective.

BGC Contracting has been working with its OEMs over the past two years to adopt and deliver their proven technologies to the mines it is contracted at.

Its relationships include a long-standing alliance with Komatsu that provides opportunities to source new mining equipment and incorporate advanced technologies.

Taplin says the technology allows BGC Contracting to make real-time decisions in the field, and forward plan its capital equipment and maintenance requirements across Australia.

“We are putting in place technology with Komatsu to tap into the Komatsu products, on our diggers, dozers and trucks to extract data in real time and feed this into our data warehouse for analysis,” Taplin says.

“We will have smart algorithms in place, so we can process millions of data points and identify whether we have got any parameters sitting outside of normal control, which allows us to do further predictive maintenance.”

“If we can have temperature and pressure data readings using the technology collated and monitored, then this provides the early warning signs that the equipment is operating outside of its parameters.”

However, the success of BGC Contracting in its project delivery is not simply about having the latest and greatest equipment, it’s also modelled on maximising our great relationships.

“We pride ourselves on the fact that relationships are one of the key brand pillars of our business,” Mr Taplin said.

“And this refers to relationships with our clients, our employees and OEMs, such as Liebherr to commission the R 9800 excavator,” he said.

Mr Taplin said that it was through their relationship with Liebherr, that BGC was able to fast track its conversations and purchase of the R 9800 excavator and get it to site to begin work.

“We knew that the R 9800 was exactly what our clients needed,” he said.

Mr Taplin said that knowing what the right equipment for the job is and being able to get it when it is needed is a cornerstone of BGC Contracting’s mining business.

BGC Contracting has built its reputation and a successful business model based on expertise – including knowing where to get the best equipment for the job.

When you partner with BGC Contracting you don’t just partner with one of Australia’s largest contractors. You partner with every person on the job and get their collective experience, support in OEM relationships and a focus for growth.


About BGC Contracting

BGC Contracting is a leading Australian construction, contract mining, and maintenance company, which has delivered infrastructure, energy and resources projects to an impressive list of clients for more than 50 years.

We have a forward order book of approximately $2 billion. Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, BGC Contracting has approximately 2,000 employees nationwide with an annual revenue nearing $1 billion year on year.

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