Deloitte Mental Health Forum

Deloitte Mental Health Forum

BGC Contracting presented at a Deloitte hosted forum, attended by a cross section of industry professionals to prompt discussion around the issue of mental health amongst the greater FIFO community.

FIFO work enables regions and communities to benefit from employment and economic opportunities. However, a FIFO lifestyle has the potential to create stresses and ongoing personal challenges – both in and out of the workplace.

The purpose of the event was to challenge traditional thinking in the space of Health and Safety, explore different insights, and support the industry in determining some strategies to put in place to help reduce the risk of mental illness amongst the FIFO community.

In order to conduct a 360 degree analysis of the situation, there were a number of different presenters to talk from differing industry perspectives such as:

    • Academic
    • Personal
    • Government
    • Industry
    • Data/statistical

BGC Contracting CEO Greg Heylen was a key speaker at this event, speaking from an industry specific perspective. Some of the points touched on by Mr Heylen were as follows:

    • Industry always talks “Health and Safety” but predominantly places the emphasis on “Safety” which is sending the wrong message to the industry
    • During the tendering process, clients only require safety related information for a tender based around lag indicators only. Generally little if any questioning based around health.
    • Industry expenditure on safety is increasing over last 10 years yet suicide, depression and mental health incidents are also increasing at a rapid rate
    • BGC Contracting is about to implement a health and safety strategy that has a 50/50 split in both health and safety
    • BGC Contracting are establishing a baseline mental health level to improve upon by an ambitious target of 10% every year
    • By improving upon the health and well-being of employees in organisations, safety performance and productivity levels will also be improved upon as they are interlinked. A healthy workforce is a safe workforce. 

The event prompted some robust discussion around the topic and it is promising to see there is a renewed focus in this area to make a difference in this space. 

See below photos BGC Contracting's presentation along with an art board designed to illustrate topics discussed during the forum. 

 Mr Greg Heylen Presenting

Deloitte Artboard