Looking after one of our own – Aaron's Story

Aaron Briffa is a BGC Contracting employee who has worked with the company for just over 1 year now. He came from Whyalla working for Arrium as an operator in the fixed plant division and on a visit to see his in-laws in Perth, Aaron approached BGC Contracting for a potential role.

To describe Aaron, he is the sort of fellow who is a hardworking, good natured, family man and good to talk to. He was also keen to work for BGC after hearing good things from his peers.

In October 2013, Aaron commenced employment with BGC Contracting and was assigned to Spinifex Ridge as a Shotcrew labourer. He got right into it, learning all aspects of drill and blast on site. As he wasn’t always staying in WA for his R&R, he was funding his way home to South Australia to see wife and kids every other R&R. This was a costly exercise which eventually started to add up and as a result, Aaron applied for a transfer to Whyalla as they were chasing operators. A position was approved to him and he made it back to South Australia to be closer to his family, and still manage to work for BGC Contracting, which was an ideal scenario for him.

It was not long after he started in Whyalla he went to the doctor with a "cough" which was eventually diagnosed as small cell carcinoma, a highly rare, life threatening condition for someone this young.

Upon hearing the news, BGC Contracting's sites rallied together to coordinate a number of fund raising initiatives in the hopes of raising funds to help Aaron and his family out while he battles this disease. The total amount raised for Aaron was in the region of $55,000. Further to the amount of funds raised for Aaron’s cause, BGC Contracting offered to match dollar for dollar whatever amount site raised thus putting the final amount well over the $100,000 mark for Aaron’s worthy cause.

As a company, BGC Contracting lives by the Values contained within their company CHARTER. Within the CHARTER there is a statement that indicates "We look after our people and their families".

Banding together and "looking after one of our own" is a culture BGC Contracting will always embrace, not just from management but all levels to make a real difference for employees. The company takes the notion of looking after people and their families seriously, particularly so in a time like this.

BGC Contracting would like to wish Aaron and his family all the best during this difficult time as he battles this disease.