We are committed to providing a workplace that is incident and injury-free.

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TRISAFE is our health and safety culture framework that ensures we keep our people and projects safe. 

TRISAFE describes the beliefs and behaviours we expect from everyone to create a 'Thriving Health and Safety Culture'. It is aligned with our CHARTER, and enables individuals and teams to thrive with the support of our leaders to improve our wellbeing and safety performance.

Health and safety is more than compliance with a set of policies, standards, and procedures. A 'Thriving Health and Safety Culture' features caring and committed people, enabled teams, and an informed organisation. These characteristics make up the core elements of TRISAFE.

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Our industry leading wellness program is delivering results by actively engaging our people so they are well-supported and productive at work and at home.
















Our policies

Health & Safety Policy 

Environmental Policy

Quality Policy 

Sustainability Policy

Risk Management Policy


Performance Measuring and Monitoring

Performance Measuring and Monitoring

We measure and monitor our safety performance which is based on a holistic approach which combines a series of lead and lag indicators. Our lead indicators are based on a qualitative measure using leadership as a key underpinning performance indicator. To support this we also use measures based on serious potential incidents and injury rates which once combined gives a clear indication on performance.

Currently our performance measures places us in the top quartile of the largest mining and civil construction contracting companies in Australia.

Environmental management

The BGC Contracting Environmental Management System is accredited to ISO14001, and our aim is to always conduct business in line with the community's desire to protect the natural environment.

We work closely with our clients and integrate contractual and legislated environmental requirements into our approved Environmental Management Plan for the project.

Performance Measuring and Monitoring